Some Relevant Floristic Resources

SEINet - The Southwest Environmental Information Network. Data from most of the larger herbaria in the southwest.

New Mexico Rare Plants Website - Compilation of information on rare taxa in New Mexico. Compiled by the New Mexico Rare Plant Technical Council.

New Mexico Native Plant Society - Chapters distributed throughout the state.

Museum of Southwestern Biology - University of New Mexico natural history museums. - Patrick Alexander's photos of plants and other items. Strong focus on New Mexico.

Vascular Plants of the Gila - Russ Kleinman's gallery of plants from the Gila and beyond. - A number of important New Mexico resources have typically been available through Look for books by Kelly Allred. Flora Neomexicana is now out (August 2012).

Flora of North America - Available e-floras from FNA.

Intermountain Flora Database - New York Botanical Garden

Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico - Jack Carter's 2012 revised work!