Supporting NMC

Funding: Funding for the establishment and subsequent maintenance of NMC has been provided by the College of Arts & Sciences at New Mexico State University. Development of the herbarium's database was largely funded by the National Science Foundation through the EPSCOR program. In addition, the New Mexico Native Plant Society and numerous kind individuals continually support the mission of the museum and student education through donations to our yearly running budget, through student scholarships (particular thanks to the Otero Chapter of the NMNPS!) as well as to the Herbarium Endowment Fund.

Donations: Donations to can be directed to specific tasks of interest to the donor, to our general annual operating budget (which normally supports student trainees), or to our Endowment Fund, which will one day provide a study income to help keep the museum moving forward independent of up and downs of the state budgeting process. Please feel free to email Sara Fuentes-Soriano at or call her at 575-646-3732 to discuss your ideas regarding donations to support New Mexico's important and underfunded natural history collections.

Volunteering: Those interested in learning more about herbaria and/or wishing to contribute to the growth and maintenance of the collection are welcome to email Sara Fuentes-Soriano at or call her at 575-646-3732 to discuss a wide range of interesting volunteer opportunities available through NMC.

Image of Yellow Flower - Aquilegia Formosa